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1979 Porsche 911 For Sale

Life for this US car started in the Mid-Atlantic region. Records extend to an early (?first) owner
modifying it for track days. As his interest blossomed, further modifications followed as he went
PCA racing with it.
The next owners ran German Auto in Winter Park, Florida. They went through the car in
preparation for multiple years of Targa Newfoundland entries, always finishing this skill-testing,
week-long, tarmac rally. Entered cars in Targa Newfoundland must be street legal, as transit
stages are on public roads. When the brothers offered the car for sale in Porsche Panorama, I had Porsche expert John
Starkey drive and inspect the car. He endorsed its condition and soundness, so I purchased it. I
acquired the car to compete in another week-long tarmac rally, Targa New Zealand.

Consequently, the car was sent to ex-pat Kiwi, PCA racer, and regular Targa NZ podium finisher Gavin Riches, at his Porsche race shop in Fort Myers, Florida. The car was torn down and reassembled with numerous improvements made over the ensuing months. Again, it had to be street-legal in Florida, and New Zealand.

Targa continues…

The now Martini and Rossi liveried car finished every Targa NZ entered, and with the right driver (see below) was a threat for outright Classic victory. Targa NZ takes in many of the nation’s eight race circuits, where it was a particular threat for top honors. Since returning from NZ, the car has been billeted at Advanced Auto Fabrication (AAF) race shop in Spokane. Hank Moore is the owner of AAF and knows the car well, as he was co-driver and crew-chief of the car for its New Zealand adventures, (he also participated in parts of the Fort Myers rebuild, and subsequent Sebring shake down). The car sports a custom AAF roll cage.

“With ~290 rear wheel hp, and 2300 pounds it is surprisingly quick for a 40 year-old car”

The car comes with numerous spares. Air-cooled 911s are robust, reliable, sorted race cars that are a blast to drive. With ~290 rear wheel hp, and 2300 pounds it is surprisingly quick for a 40 year-old car. It drives and looks like a much newer car. And the sounds it makes……. WWHHHAAAA.

Where is the car now?

This beautiful rust-free car is now in Spokane, Washington at Advanced Auto fabrication where it is available to be inspected by appointment
I’m sure this car will be racing in another 20 years, optimistically even 40 more. Time for a new
caretaker and peddler, though. Hoping to find it a good home. Advanced Auto Fabrication Will be handling the sale on the car.


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