AAF Shifter Installed and Working!

The new AAF Racing Shifter is installed in an E30 Race car! Our racing mount plate that bolts into the transmission tunnel with two bolts from each side gives the shifter a rock solid feel. We will also have a street version of the mount plate that will just be the...

AAF Shifter

The AAF Racing BMW Shifter prototype is here! Now it is time for some significant testing. We will share the installed pics very soon, but here is a preview!
Welcome to the New AAF Web Site.

Welcome to the New AAF Web Site.

Here it is long at last!  You can now buy direct from Advanced Auto Fabrication.  We are very happy to have our new site up and running after months of work. It still has some rough edges to get smoothed out but it’s up and working. If you don’t see what...
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