What a great weekend! We ended Sunday 3rd in our class and 8th overall in the #44 car. The Reaper #130 and Roger Rabbit #25 placed 8th and 9th in the same class! With a Fuel pump problem and a spin-out on Saturday, Sunday we cleaned up and took some names. A big thank you to our drivers. We did a great job this weekend! Can’t wait for the next race!

Roger Rabbit #25 Had clean driving All day, with only a little sputtering at the beginning of the race. With the fastest time being put down by Cody at 2:04.7 and overall placing 13th and 7th in class.

The #44 Car had a fuel pump problem halfway through the race but quickly got back on the track 3 hours after it was towed in. Even with that small mishap the#44 car still placed 36th overall and 18th in class, with the fastest time being set by Michael at 2:00.4.

The Reaper Pro 3 #130 car was forced to be reckoned with at the end of the race with Todd in the driver’s seat he set the fastest lap at 1:59.8 placing the car 25th overall and 5th in class!


What an Eventful day for all cars!

Roger Rabbit #25 Had some troubles with coolant spraying on the windshield from overfill, had to be pitted for contact, and a mess up on turn 1, We still managed to place 20th overall and 10th in class. The fastest time being 2:02.7 on the 76th lap.

The #44 car was on its game on Sunday placing 8th overall and 3rd in class, and the best lap time being set by Micheal at 1:59.9. With a small mirror problem in the morning, a minor communication fails with the walkies, and a tire replacement in the afternoon the guys still took this car to 3rd in class!

The Reaper #130 Car placed 19th overall and 9th in class changing up a class from Saturday. The fastest time on the 83rd lap at 2:00.3. Encountering only small issues that were fairly quick to fix having trouble with tires in the afternoon and a black flag for contact nearing the end of the day overall didn’t do too bad!

Thanks again to Lucky dog and its sponsors!


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