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AiM EGT – Exhaust Gas Thermocouple with Exposed Junction


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AiM devices can measure exhaust gas temperature using a sensor – thermocouple – placed in the exhaust header pipe.
All AiM thermocouples are K type sensor.
This exhaust gas temperature (EGT) thermocouple, thanks to its exposed junction, is faster recording sampled data. Here below you can see EGT thermocouple on the right and EGT thermocouple with exposed junction on the left.
Monitoring your race cars Exhaust Gas Temperature can give you crucial information if there is a problem. An AFR Wideband can give you an idea if your car is leaning out abnormally, but if you have a timing problem the EGT monitor is your answer! This can also be a very useful tool in tuning your car to make sure there isn’t a problem on the track.

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