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Do you want to know where you were at going into turn 3, on lap 2 compared to lap 10. AiM’s GPS08 Module will do that, right down to the meter!

The GPS08 Module has new technology to be more precise than most of the GPS unit available today, it has been designed to add to the GPS satellite’s signal the Global Satellite Navigation Satellite (Glonass) systems signal.  On average there are almost 20 satellite’s working together to pin point your location.  The GPS08 guarantees a precision and a reliability that is unmatched.  Satellite signal is locked very rapidly, a few seconds after the unit is switched on the GPS08 is ready to work for you.  No risk of missing signal anymore,as in case of “noise” or interference on one system, the other system will guarantee the signal continuity.

As soon as the GPS08 switches on, it identifies it’s position and – if your track is included in the list of tracks stored on Race Studio 3 database – will start sampling lap times.  Race Studio 3 stores the finish line coordinates (plus map, contact info and logo) of almost two thousand tracks, sorted by Nation, circuit and surface type: you will be able to create your own collections, adding/removing tracks as you see fit.  Should your home track be missing, you can easily add it to your own tracklist when downloading your session files to Race Studio 3.

The GPS08 will sample 10 times per second position, speed and lateral/in-line acceleration at any point of the track: all the data needed for a precise evaluation of vehicle and driver behavior, which is the necessary step to improve proformance.  Thanks to the GPS08, even the predictive lap time will be much more reliable: in any moment of your race, you will know your time gap vs. your best lapwith absolute precision.

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