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AiM Memory Key

AiM Memory Key


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AiM’s Memory Key is a 32GB compact flash drive that gives you the ability to store all of the data acquired on this convenient flash drive.  You do not need to plug your PC into your logger to collect your data, simply unplug the Memory Key from your logger and insert the Memory Key into your PC.  This does not have to be done after each test or race, with 32GB of memory you can store many sessions before it is time to download the data.  Some of the great built in features of the Memory Key is that you can transfer the key from one vehicle to another with no worry about lost data.  The Memory Key will automatically turn on when plugged into a logger, and turn off when taken out, saving that session as a file and start a new file when plugged back in.  Best of all this can all be accomplished without having to shut down the car.


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