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AiM Pressure Sensor 0-10 bar/0-145 PSI

AiM Pressure Sensor 0-10 bar/0-145 PSI


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Aim Technologies are committed to supplying, professional engineers quality motorsport products.

These small, lightweight but well-engineered pressure sensors, are amongst the best in the market place today.

Aim sensors are IP67, and weight only 34grams, made from stainless steel, and operate between -20C and +135 C.

The AIM series of pressure transducers have been designed for the detection of fluid and air pressures in demanding motorsport and automotive applications.

These are ideal for high precision data acquisition or control systems.

The transducers can be installed directly onto vehicles or as part of a test stand or dyno. They offer a high level of reliability and endurance and are protected against the high vibration, shock, and high temperatures found in motorsport.

The modular construction and programmable amplifier provide a fast delivery time for standard and custom configurations.


  • 0-10 Bar (0-145psi) Operating Range
  • M10 Thread
  • 50cm Cable Length
  • 4 Pin 719 Connector


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