Bytetronik F56 MINI Tuning

Bytetronik F56 MINI Tuning


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Bytetronik F56 MINI Tuning

AAF has tuned many Mini Coopers over the years and our #1 go-to is always Bytetroniks.  This new way to tune your F56 Mini makes it even easier to get it right. 

  • – Raised Speed limiter (VMAX)

  • – Optimum torque optimized

  • – Race Start (Launch Control) start temperature modified

  • – Target Lamda optimized

  • – Target torque optimized

  • – Clutch torque optimized

  • – Schubblurbben (burble) parameters optimized for more bangs & pop

  • – Fuel Pressure raised

Once you receive the FlashAccess OBD Module, you can get ready by doing the following:
  1. Go to the Bytetronik Downloads and download FlashAccess ECU Installation Guide v.4
  2. Also, download the FlashAccess Software Version 8044 and install this onto your PC.
  3. Read through the instructions and get a clear understanding of the process.
  4. Email us your “Detailed ECU info” per Chapter 2 of the Installation Guide.
  5. We’ll send you the tune within one business day upon receiving your “Detailed ECU info”.
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