Ground Control Racing Caster / Camber Plates




AAF uses these on all of our race cars and we feel they are the best plates on the market for a race car.

Ground Control racing caster / camber plates. Not intended for Street use. 

Will not work with the stock springs, only specified I.D. springs.

This is a clean page design, and allows more camber and caster adjustment than any other camber plate available without modifying the strut towers. Within the SCCA rules, it is illegal to bend, cut or reweld the struts for more negative camber, so this is the legal way to go fast.

Ground Control Racing Camber / Caster Plates offer more features than most.

  • More camber adjustment than stock
  • Caster adjustment
  • Aircraft grade bearings
  • Engraved tops with calibrated degree marks
  • Steel reinforcements

This is a very well engineered product. Every component is anodized or plated, including all fasteners. GC tops are a low profile design, and add extra travel to avoid excessive bottoming out.  The priority of this strut top design is to allow fast, repeatable alignment changes at the track.

Ground Control camber plates feature two sets of bearings. The proprietary bearing, made to our specs by Aurora in the USA, allows for articulation of the shock shaft. This spherical bearing is very understressed, as the Ground Control design does NOT support the weight of the car on the spherical bearing. Instead, the weight of the car is supported by a completely separate articulating needle bearing, which is also manufactured for Ground Control in the USA. Be very wary of imitations, and if in doubt, you can ask us to prove that we use Aurora bearings. Other companies use bearings from China, but say they are using Aurora or USA bearings. Ground Control can PROVE what we claim, because USA still makes the best bearings in the world.


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8 in


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