Lifeline 2.4ltr AFFF Hand Held Fire Extinguisher

Lifeline 2.4ltr AFFF Hand Held Fire Extinguisher


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2.4ltr AFFF Hand Held Fire Extinguisher

Portable fire extinguisher for international rallying.

Lifeline AFFF Fire Bottle Service is required for Lifeline fire systems every two years, or whenever they have been triggered. We provide factory-trained recharging services to ensure the utmost safety in your car’s Lifeline fire-suppression.
Lifeline AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) suppressant is a non-toxic, ozone-friendly suppressant, but it will dry and harden with age. This service is highly recommended and required if you want your fire system to be there when you need it. Service and re-certification every two years is critical!
Basic service includes refreshing the AFFF fluid, checking all parts for wear and age issues, flushing the bottle, re-pressurizing and relabeling.

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