AAF Fire Nozzle Mount Bracket Kit

AAF Fire Nozzle Mount Bracket Kit

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Lifeline Fire Nozzle Mount Bracket

AAF Fire Suppression Nozzle Mount bracket kit. lifeline fire mount brackets –  This kit comes with 8 pieces of high-quality .050″ bendable aluminum to mount your Lifeline fire suppression system. Fill out the form to customize your bracket mount kit! Be safe safe and get to the front. We recommend 2 roll cage brackets at least for the interior of your car. Check out our video below to learn how to bend your bracket kit!

This Kit Comes with:

2x Roll Cage Brackets
2x 50mm Brackets
2x 75mm Brackets
2x 100mm Brackets

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If you need to buy a mounting piece individually to add to your kit or replace a piece. CLICK HERE

Lifeline Fire Nozzle Mount Bracket

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