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Non Contact Throttle Position Sensor Install Kit (E30) (# 116133)




This Install Kit is the perfect way to install an AIM Non Contact Throttle Position Sensor into an E30. This kit will install the sensor on the inside of the car at the base of the steering column. This location protects the sensor from heat, debris, and vibrations from the engine. This location also reads exact pedal position, to most accurately  describe what the drivers throttle inputs are. The bracket is cut with a precision water-jet from 3/8″ thick aluminum, providing a sturdy and light weight part.

The accelerator/brake pedal position sensors represent important key information for race car drivers. They provide a precise indication of timing and intensity of braking/ acceleration, which allows an understanding of  if the driver has accelerated or braked at the right moment and with the correct strength.
A very important fact to monitor when evaluating driver behavior and improving performance.


SKU NO. 116133

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in
Include Sensor?

Yes, I want the sensor as well, No, I only want the install kit with NO sensor



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