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AAF Spec E46 Full Suspension Kit

AAF Spec E46 Full Suspension Kit

The Ultimate suspension kit for your Spec E46


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This is our recommended kit for spec E46! Everything you need to help you get to the front! Your kit comes with:

MCS 1WNR Dampers

The MCS 1WNR damper is a Single-adjustable damper. Well-mannered on the street and capable of making higher-rate springs feel comfortable. Valving covers a wide range of spring rates and eliminates the need to constantly re-valve every time you want to increase or decrease your spring rate. 1WNR dampers have tremendous capability in a clean, easy to install and use package.

All MCS 1WNR dampers have an adjustment range of 18 settings of rebound control and come standard with spring hardware.

Built as an ‘entry-level’ (yet still race-capable and winning) damper, 1WNR dampers are upgradable to our other damper systems. The modular design of MCS damper systems uses interchangeable parts for an easy upgrade, without the need to invest in a new package. All MCS dampers are fully rebuildable, serviceable and can be custom-valved and upgraded any time.

MCS Single Adjustable dampers come packaged with dampers, front spring perches, top attachment nuts, and adjustment knobs. Springs, camber plates, rear ride-height adjusters, and rear shock mounts are required and available separately.

Hypercoil Springs

Hyper coils are manufactured from the highest quality chrome silicone steel and high tensile chrome silicone steel available in the world. The material used in producing Hyper coils undergoes two separate magnaflux inspections. Once before manufacture and again after coiling. These inspections insure the wire is free from surface imperfections which, if gone undetected could lead to spring failure.

Spec E46 Spring Package includes:

  • 2x Front 2.25″ ID 6″ Free Length 750 LB Springs (PN: 186A0750)
  • 2x Rear 2.25″ ID 5″ Free Length 850 LB Springs (PN: 185A0850)

Ground Control Racing Camber / Caster Plates

More camber adjustment than stock, caster adjustment, aircraft bearings, engraved with calibrated degrees, with stainless steel reinforcement. Every component is anodized or plated, including fasteners. Adds extra travel to avoid excessive bottoming out, this is a very well engineered product. The stainless steel reinforcement prevents electrolysis between the steel fender and the aluminum camber plate.

Camber and caster are separately adjustable by sliding the mounts, without removing any components from the car. The priority of this design is to allow fast, repeatable alignment changes at the track.

The Ground Control camber plates feature two sets of bearings, a proprietary bearing, made to our specs by Aurora in the USA, which allows for articulation of the shock shaft. This spherical bearing is very under-stressed, as the Ground Control design does NOT support the weight of the car on the spherical bearing. Instead, the weight of the car is supported by a completely separate articulating needle bearing, which is also manufactured for Ground Control in the USA. Will not fit stock springs.

Ground Control Height Adjusters and Weight Jacks

Developed by Ground Control to address the issue of inconsistent spring rate caused by bending of the spring during suspension movement.
As an added bonus, this is adjustable from underneath the car without jacking the car up.

BMWCCA legal and SCCA IT legal if anybody cares anymore.


Ground Control Sway Bars

Ground Control Front and Rear  Sway bars  and end links -We have Tried EVERY sway bar kit on the market. Every single one was either too long or too short in the front or rear or both! Most did not have the adjustments we wanted, So AAF teamed up with Ground Control to create the ultimate sway bar kit. These Sway Bars are the only hollow, tubular, fully adjustable race bars on the market for your E46 M3 or E85/E86 Z4 M. The adjustments are fantastic, all our drivers get exactly the ride that they want. They are also available separately to fit SCCA Super Stock autocross rules. These sway bars are made from a very lightweight tubular Chromoly steel and then zinc plated. The bars are mounted to the car with anodized CNC aluminum brackets, and they include urethane bushings with a grease fitting to keep the squeaks away.

The key feature of the front bar is the proprietary adjustment method – anodized CNC brackets slide on the bar and clamp down when in position, allowing infinite adjustment of the bar stiffness (front only).


Designed for Spec E46 class racing, this adjustable rear sway bar conforms to all of the current rules of the “Spec E46” racing class. Includes all necessary installation hardware and adjustable sway bar end links.

Like all other Ground Control parts, it comes with a lifetime warranty against all manufacturer defects.