Spec E46 Strut Tower Reinforcement Plates

Spec E46 Strut Tower Reinforcement Plates

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A must-have for any performance-driven E46 3-Series¬†–¬†reduce the chances for strut housing and mount “mushrooming” and increase the car’s strength when using performance oriented spring and/or struts. We highly recommend these plates with use of aftermarket performance suspension kits.

With every new 3-Series model, BMW engineers have increased their concern for saving weight (and cost) in every location possible as a way compensate for the added weight (and cost) of modern safety, luxury, and technology features. With computer-based load and fatigue programs (starting with the E36), BMW tried to create a light chassis that could withstand the loads of the stock suspension without deformity or flex throughout the car’s life cycle. With this type of production technology, BMW can make the material as thin as possible to meet the projected fatigue and wear expectation of that part’s life span.

Sold individually. May require modification of reinforcement plate to retain full adjustment capabilities of camber plates for track applications.

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