Are you ready for the track? Let AAF help you get to the front this season! We started this build at the beginning of march and built it track ready with custom fabricated  roll cage, brake cooling system and a throttle restrictor plate. We installed new coil overs, a new Recaro race seat, An AiM Solo 2 system, the AAF Solo mount, and wheel spacers. And after we were finished, this car was revving to get to the track! 

Brake Cooling System

AAF Custom made this Brake cooling kit for the FR-S to help save its brakes on the hot course. Soon to be purchasable on our site, so keep an eye out! Cooling of the brakes is essential! Especially on ‘heavy braking’ circuits or events , like on the track. The heat generated during braking is stored in the discs and must be dissipated by air-flow through and around the rotor, which is why we’ve created the brake cooling the way that we have. It brings air directly to the rotor, but failure to do this will result in reducing brake efficiency and in the extreme, increasing brake pedal travel and loss of brakes. 

Custom Roll Cage and Throttle Restrictor Plate

Custom roll cage and roll cage base plates were made for the FR-S and then painted to match the car. The clean application is definitely an additional 5 horsepower if you ask me.

A  roll cage will keep the drivers cockpit intact in case of a wreck. These steel bars are braced and welded to each other. They provide intrusion protection.

A restrictor plate was custom fabricated for the car for the class this FRS will be racing in. But even with the regulation, AAF built this car to GET TO THE FRONT

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