The 2020 Mini John Cooperworks GP3 is a project that came to us a few months ago to help turn this monster into a track beast. This 2.0L turbo charged menace is pushing a factory 301hp at just over a curb weight of 2600lbs. With the help AAF, this Mini will have a new brake cooling duct system, a back half cage, camber plates, and upper strut mounts to help this beast conquer the track.

High-intensity Brake Cooling Kit

This track beast then got a back half cage fabricated to fit the car and look nearly stock. Don’t forget the newly added suspension pieces that will make sure this car hugs the track like pro. We’ve installed Ground controls Camber Caster plates to make sure this car is aligned for the track! After the car was all back together we put in 6-point harnesses and an AiM Smarty Cam to make sure the driver of this beast can track and record his record breaking times on the track!¬† We can’t wait to see this thing on the out there. Until then, Get to the front. Thanks for reading

-Advanced Auto Fab


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