Water Jet Cutting


What Is A Water Jet?

A water jet is a phenomenal way to make almost any part you may need. This amazing machine uses a high pressure water stream to cut  the material into any shape its given with precision. This quick and cost effective way of cutting will make any project much easier

“To give you an idea, here’s some things we’ve cut” 

  • Oil pan Baffles
  • Brake Backing Plates
  • Shifter Base Support
  • Coil Cover Plates
  • Upper  Bumper Support Brackets
  • Radiator Bracket
  • Wheel Spacers
  • Cargo Divider for a van
  • Oldsmobile Fan Shroud
  • Wing end plates
  • Splitters
  • Tow Hooks

Calls Us Today!


If you need a one off part or are struggling to find a part, make it! Get in and out quickly with the AAF Water Jet! Bring your DFX file in and we will cut it! Don’t have a DFX file? Bring your idea and we will draw it up for you! Call us today with your specific design needs.

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