AAF’s First Lucky Dog Race of the year in Shelton! and what a race it was! The weather was a bit uncooperative both days but clearing up and allowing some sun to shine on Sunday.   both days were a bit crazy when it came to the race. Not to mention, this was the first race for our techs in the cars! Dan Grauger and David Gambino were in the #44 car saturday and sunday with dave making great time for his first lucky dog race! 

The #44 had a unexpected meeting with the wall saturday morning and a short run-in in the grass later but ended the day 13th in class and 37th overall putting down the fastest time of 2:09.833(Hank) at the 116th lap. Sunday the #44 was doing Great in the beginning with the fastest lap time of the day being put down on just the 30th lap at 1:58.986(Hank). Dave followed up hank with some very consistant times in the low 2’s. But nearing around 3pm the #44 blew a rod ending the weekend for the #44 E30. 

The #144 M3 couldn’t contain itself, getting black flagged for Super Dog SIX TIMES on Sunday! (insert giggling drivers). Saturday, the fastest time was 2:05.297() put down on the 34th lap ending up 10th overall and 7th in class. Then Sunday we laid a 1:52.662() as the fastest time on the 151st lap.  We can’t wait to run this car more! 

What a great weekend. Thanks again to our Race team, drivers and of course, The Lucky Dog Team! See ya Next Time.