AAF C7 Corvette Brake Pads

AAF C7 Corvette Brake Pads


AAF has been working with several C7 Corvette owners to develop a few different compounds of track pads for the C7 big brake platform Grand Sports, Stingrays, and Zo6’s.

When Ordering: Please let know what year and model or edition your corvette is to make sure your brake pads will fit properly!! All pads are for iron and steel alloy rotors only! Not for carbon rotors!

The 4S is for high performance and heavy-duty street conditions.  Perfect for prolonged everyday street use while also being capable of tolerating the most severe street use without any fade.

Very rotor friendly.

The 4S friction level will give you an impressive increase in stopping ability with very minimum pedal effort.  4S compound has a very low noise and dust levels, far below OEM equipment or any other high performance brake material.

Good for street, autocrossing, driving schools and solo events.

The 4R  is designed specifically for heavy-duty motorsports.  The carbon based semi-metallic materials allow the pad to absorb tremendous amounts of heat and dissipate it at very even rate.  Carbon Kevlar material warms up to race temperature quickly, which is quite helpful during restarts, and when track time is limited.

When used with cast iron and steel alloy rotors, the 4R compound requires minimal bed-in period.

Throughout the entire heat range, the carbon kevlar material will give extremely consistent modulation and predictably.

This is a very rotor friendly racing brake pad material.

Optimum 4R operating temperatures are 450ºF and above.

Good for road courses, autocross, club events or professional racing events.

The 4E is a carbon kevlar compound made to last longer than the 4R compound.

The 4E compound is designed to endure higher prolonged temperature and still has pad life longer than 4R.

This pad is great for club enduro events and applications where temperatures are at their maximum.

Good for endurance racing.


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