Our daily maintenance services include tire care where we optimize tread wear and pressure for optimal safety and longevity. Trust AAF to go beyond the surface, addressing vital aspects such as fluid checks, brake inspections, and engine diagnostics to keep your daily driver running at its peak.

Discover the convenience of AAF’s commitment to excellence, as we prioritize your daily driving needs. From routine check-ups to addressing unexpected issues, our skilled team is dedicated to keeping your vehicle in prime condition. Contact us at (509) 924-7006 to experience unparalleled daily driver maintenance and performance enhancement.


We have custom alignment settings for many cars and racing types including:

  • Classics + Muscles
  • Daily Drivers
  • Off Road + Trucks
  • Hot Street Setups
  • Track Days
  • Road Racing
  • Drag Racing (From a stop or roll)
  • Rally Racing
  • Autocross
  • Circle Track Racing
  • + More

AAF regularly races all over the PNW, focusing on fine tuning suspension and alignment setups. We can provide specified setups for many race tracks including:

  • Spokane County Raceway
  • The Ridge Motorsports Park
  • Pacific Raceways
  • Portland International Raceway
  • Oregon Raceway Park
  • Mission Raceway Park
  • Thunderhill Raceway
  • Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca
  • + More

If you have never run at a particular track before, we can get you where you need to be. In order to setup a car, we can focus on aspects such as:

  • Corner Weights & Percentages from Digital Scales
  • Ride Height + Weight Jacking
  • Rake + Wedge Settings
  • Sway Bar Neutralization
  • Camber, Caster, Toe, and More

We can also work with you at the track to get your car fine-tuned to your driving style. We will provide expertise in adjusting shock dampening, front and rear sway bar stiffness, spring rates, aerodynamic balancing, and more.

Call us with whatever you need and we will get you going in the right direction.

(509) 924-7006