AAF E46 Roll Cage Base Plate Kit

AAF E46 Roll Cage Base Plate Kit

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E46 Roll cage Base Plate

This roll cage base plate kit has been designed specifically for the BMW E46. Using this kit can make building and installing your roll cage much easier and faster. Especially if you are planning on building more than 1 roll cage, we have found it is cost effective to use these base plates rather than spend the time building custom plates.

We have made sure that these base plates are legal for most racing sanctioning bodies.

AAF takes racing safety very seriously, which is why these base plates are significantly larger than the minimum required sizing of most rule sets. These plates are also made from 11 gauge steel. Each critical base plate is reinforced with at least 1 vertical plate for strength. The main hoop location features a bottom base plate and two vertical plates for added strength. We have also already cut a pass through hole for the ABS speed sensor wires.

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