AAF E46 Pre-wired Push to Start Kit

AAF E46 Pre-wired Push to Start Kit

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Advanced Auto Fabrication has the Pre-wired push to start kit your Spec E46 has been waiting for.

Now that the new Spec E46 tune has the EWS function deleted, we are finally building a push button start kit that gets rid of the key all together! The AAF Pre-wired Push to Start kit mounts with factory holes and hardware, where the turn signal switch was.  This is  a very easy kit that can install in a matter of minutes.  Installation will require wire-splicing as it is more reliable than using the factory switch connection.

The bracket is made from lightweight aluminum and powder coated black for a high quality and durable finish. One rocker switch is fitted with an illuminated backlight to indicate “Ignition – ON”, while the other all-red rocker switch is a crank switch.

Notice: With the “EWS Delete” ECU, some components can be removed. However the EWS box cannot be simply unplugged. The EWS box doubles as a starter relay. Your two options are to 1) keep the EWS box plugged in with no wiring harness changes, or 2) to modify the OEM electrical harness and install an independent starter relay.

Components that can be deleted are items such as the instrument cluster and the key itself. These items can simply be unplugged and removed with no adverse effects.

Built to order may take up to a week to fill order.

SKU NO. 116114


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