AIM Solo 2 DL

AIM Solo 2 DL


Solo DL 2  features all the same functions of Solo 2, plus the ability to connect to your cars ECU: this makes the SoloDL a powerful dash logger recording all the important data coming from the vehicle Engine Control Unit.  Additional sensors and complicated wiring are not required anymore.

To connect Solo DL 2  you just need to choose the cable that connects to your car: Solo DL 2 comes with a choice of cables for stock/production cars or for racing/aftermarket ECUs.

Like the Solo 2,  the Solo DL 2 allows users to configure custom pages to show all the desired data.

After each test you will be able to analyze all the data recorded in graphs, histograms, and tables: you will evaluate your performance at all positions on the track with the Race Studio 2 software.

And – last but not least – all the data can be displayed on videos recorded by Smarty Cam HD, the AiM on-board camera designed for motorsports.

Solo 2 DL:

Solo 2 DL, power cable with AC adapter,
mounting bracket with screws,
user manual,
software installation CD,
Aim sticker.
The cables you can choose are:

  • CAN/K-Line/External power cable with OBDII connector
  • CAN/RS232 external power cable
  • RPM/External power cable (if your vehicle has no ECU)

Solo 2 DL, with ECU Connection

The Solo 2 DL Version
There are more than 1,000 protocols for over 1,000 ECU’s in the database to allow the Solo 2 DL easy connection to your Engine Control Unit providing you a lot of information with just one cable. Where your ECU protocol is not in the database, an ECU Driver Builder is always available in the Race Studio 3 configuration software which you will be able to create your protocol by yourself.

Coil RPM input
Solo 2 DL now features a digital input allowing to log RPM either from square wave signals (8-50 V each signal) or pulse signals (150-450 V ignition coil trigger – primary circuit).

SmartyCam HD connection

The perfect connection: get all the data from your ECU, merge them with the GPS information and transmit everything to the SmartyCam HD, which will show them in graphical overlay in the video.


Don’t forget!

With any purchase of an AiM Solo 2 or Solo DL 2, you can choose to include an AAF Solo Mount (normally a $35.50 cost) for only $10! The AAF Solo Mount gets your  AIM Solo where you can see it and use it with ease. This bracket mounts the AIM Solo directly to the roll cage.  The steel construction allows the magnet in the AIM Solo to hold securely to the mount while maintaining an easy removal and installation. Be sure to choose a LHD or RHD Solo 2 mount for your application.