AAF E46 4-Door Parcel Shelf

AAF E46 4-Door Parcel Shelf


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AAF E46 Parcel Shelf

Looking for a stylish way to seal the trunk area off from the passenger compartment? The AAF E46 Parcel Shelf is the universal solution you are looking for!

Most sanctioning bodies require the fueling to be sealed off from the passenger compartment. This means that if you are running an AAF Trunk fuel filler or any aftermarket racing fuel cell in the trunk, you need this kit.

We have designed this kit to install into any E46 regardless of roll cage position. The most difficult variable in a kit like this is the roll-cage position. Every roll cage fits slightly different. That is why we have designed this kit specifically to allow for not only a wide range of roll cage positions, but a very large tolerance of installation error! This kit is extremely easy to make the installation look professional, even if done in a personal garage.

This kit includes precision water-jet cut sheets that fit snugly into the e46 chassis. Then we also include union strips, to cover the inherent gaps that come from cutting the sheet to fit around the roll cage. We made these strips wide enough that they will cover a large number of accidental mess-ups, or in case you get the cut position a tad wrong. Nevertheless, the end product will be a professional-looking sealed bulkhead

The 4 Door Kit will only include the parcel shelf pieces (as the factory already has welded in steel bulkhead

Both Kits will come with necessary rivet hardware, installation with pneumatic riveter is highly recommended.

IMPORTANT! In order for us to know how many times your roll cage will pierce the bulkhead, we need you to tell us! When ordering, write in how many and what size of roll cage will be going through the bulkhead, so we can send the proper plates.

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AAF E46 Parcel Shelf

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