AiM LCU-One Wideband Controller

AiM LCU-One Wideband Controller


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Keeping your air/fuel ratio in check is a must when trying to get the most out of an engine.  The LCU-One allows you to tune the perfect air/fuel ratio and keep it there.  All LCU-One controllers use the wide band Bosch LCU 4.9 oxygen sensor for two main reasons:  the ability to keep the original calibration for it’s lifetime and also it’s duration.  LCU-One can detect punctual Lambda value from 0.65 to 1.6, giving you an extremely accurate measurement, very useful for engine tuning.  By analysis of the remaining oxygen, LCU-One points out possible oxygen excess or loss in the air/fuel ratio providing you with essential information for 4 stroke engines.  The configurability of Stoichiometric values allows the LCU-One to be used on gas, diesel and alternative fuel engines.


  • Uses CAN Bus connection
  • Lambda value and air/fuel ratio
  • Lambda probe temperature and diagnosis


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