AiM Water/Oil Temp Sensor

AiM Water/Oil Temp Sensor


AiM Thermo resistor water/oil temp sensor

  • Thread Options:
    • 1/8 NPT
    • 10mm
  • 4 pin 719 connector with built in 2k resistor
  • Temperature working range: 0-150°C, 32-302°F
  • Cable length: 25cm, 9.8″

AiM devices can measure water temp using a thermo resistor/sensor placed inline in the hose going from the radiator to the engine.  To install for water temp you will need a thermo resistor/sensor adapter (Part # MC-171-3/4) to complete installation.

A standard extension cable 1.5M/4.9Ft is also available. (Part # V02PCB15B)