AAF E46 Solid Rear Subframe Bushing Set

AAF E46 Solid Rear Subframe Bushing Set

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AAF E46 Solid Rear Sub-frame Bushing Set. A set of four light weight aluminum bushings keeps the rear sub-frame from shifting under load. Since the rear sub-frame is not only the mount for the differential but also the suspension pick up points, it is crucial that it remains stiff. Rubber or poly mounts will allow the suspension pickup points to move under load, and affect the vehicles wheel alignment. These solid bushings prevent this, and that equates to more grip. If you have an E46 race car do not waste your time with poly or rubber, you need solid bushings. E46’s have a known problem of cracking the chassis at the rear sub-frame mount locations. Solid bushings will help prevent a twisting force at those locations, and help prevent chassis failure.

Our bushing work with Ground Control blade type rear sway bar’s.  (not all bushings on the market will)

We also highly suggest installing our chassis reinforcement kit, as it is a must have for E46 race cars.

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