E46 Control Arm Meyle HD Right

E46 Control Arm Meyle HD Right


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E46 Control Arm Meyle HD (Right)

This is a Heavy Duty control arm that will last longer on your race car than any other brand we have tested.


Short story:

In as short as one sprint race weekend, we were feeling looseness in what were brand new control arms.  After 6 or 8 hour endurance races, we would need to replace both control arms.  We tried every brand of M/sport replacement control arm but none could withstand the abuse of track use.  When got our hands on  Meyle HD control arms, we could tell they are a true HD replacement. We are now able to race an entire season without wearing out balljoints! Meyle HD control arms will however net roughly a 1 degree loss in castor over the traditional M/sport replacement control arms.

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