AAF E36/E46 Solid Engine And Transmission Mounts

AAF E36/E46 Solid Engine And Transmission Mounts

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Front Track CAB
1 × Front TrackCAB Control Arm Bushings (PAIR)

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1 × Spec E46 Rear Rtab Bushing

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AAF E36/E46/Z3/Z4 Solid Aluminum Engine And Transmission Mounts

Keeping your engine from shifting when you’re cornering or braking is a big deal! Solid mounting the engine and transmission allows for the most power to transfer to the wheels.  If you have a race car do not waste your time with poly or hard rubber, you need solid mounts.

The AAF Solid Mounts are precision CNC machined for a perfect fit every time, and blue anodized for a stylish AAF look! We also use hardened steel studs (as strong as wheel studs) in our engine mounts.

This is a short set or Lowing set that will lower your engine to get the center of mass closer to the ground.

!!Will lower engine height!!