AAF E30 16MM Rear Sway Bar

AAF E30 16MM Rear Sway Bar

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Rear Sway Bar

We at AAF Racing have tried every rear sway bar that we could get for the rear of our E30 Pro3 race cars and we were left wanting more every time! The other bars on the market are either too stiff, the range of adjustment is too narrow, or bind at lower ride heights. In competitive racing, any of these faults are unacceptable.  Meet our 16mm bar!

The AAF Racing E30 Rear Sway Bar uses billet aluminum actuator arms and offers five adjustment holes for the best range of any bar. At the stiffest setting it makes the car as loose as any of our drivers ever wanted, and the softest setting works great on a rough road course.

The AAF Racing E30 Rear Sway Bar also features fully adjustable quick disconnect end links. This makes disconnecting easy, and can be done with no tools. This is ideal for making adjustments during pit stops.

So if you are like most of the racers we encounter and race with your rear bar unhooked, give our bar a try.

Our PRO3 kit includes solid spherical sway bar mounts, while our Spec E30 kit includes a stiff polyurethane bushing made in house at AAF specifically for this kit, that mounts directly to the factory location with an extra brace location going through the floor.

SKU NO. 1161

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