AAF E30 Wheel Spacers For Enkei RPF1 (Pair)

AAF E30 Wheel Spacers For Enkei RPF1 (Pair)


15mm: 116125

20mm: 116126


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AAF E30 Wheel Spacers For Enkei RPF1 (Pair)

These are wheel spacers like no other They are hub centric to your E30 on the back and have a larger hub size on the fronts to fit the Enki RPF1’s.

This makes using the RPF1 that much easier and safer.  No more need for a hub centric ring that can fall off when changing wheels or melt under high brake temps.

There are two sizes for you to choose from 15mm & 20mm 

Weight :




Other Specs:

  • For E30 wheel hub inside bore dimension: 57.1mm
  • For Enkei wheel outside bore dimension: 73.0mm


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