Bullet Nose Race Wheel Stud 82mm (M12x1.5)

Bullet Nose Racing Wheel Stud Wheel studs can make or brake you in a pit stop on on the track andĀ this is the one that we have trusted for years at AAF. The Bullet Nose makes it supper easy to start lugs with out cross threading and if you’re gluing lugs in an endurance race it gives the nuts room to hang as you come around to tighten them. Part specs: 4340AQ steel, heat treated to class 12.9 hardness, rolled threads on both ends with 6g fits, phosphate and oil coated, bullet nose thread relief on wheel end threads, thread/shoulder undercut relief on hub end threads to allow precise seating of studs to hub, pre-applied anaerobic micro-encapsulated adhesive to hub end threads.

  • 82mm overall length
  • M12x1.5 threads
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