Rebuilt BMW E46 M54 DISA Valve

Rebuilt BMW E46 M54 DISA Valve


This is a ready-to-go rebuilt DISA Valve for your M54 3.0l.

The DISA valve is an extremely problem prone component on E46 BMW 330’s (and other M54 cars). This valve redirects the flow of air through the intake runners and into the engine. Symptoms of a failing DISA Valve can be rough idle, engine fault codes, poor fuel consumption, and worst of all – low and mid range power loss!

There are multiple design flaws with the OEM valve. When the cheap nylon and plastic parts start to erode, they can easily fall and break apart. There is also a metal pin barely holding things together. When they fail, they have nowhere to go but through the intake runners and into your engine, causing severe engine failure.

This rebuilt unit solves all of those problems. The plastic valve has been replaced with a billet 6061 T6 aluminium piece. The small metal pin has been replaced with a through bolt from the outside made from high grade titanium. And finally, the nylon drive for the valve has also been replaced with machined billet aluminium.

This is by far the best upgrade for the DISA valve you can get. Restore power and performance to your M54!

Note: Some prices including a core charge. We will be happy to refund your core charge if you send us your core.