AAF S65 E9X M3 Oil Pan Baffle (INSTALLED)

AAF S65 E9X M3 Oil Pan Baffle (INSTALLED)

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S65 E9X M3 Oil Pan Baffle

When driving your E90/E92 on a track, it’s always important to watch oil pressure. During prolonged cornering, oil shifts away from the oil pump pickups and leaves the pumps sucking air, which can substantially reduce the life of the engine. Rod bearing lubrication is already a hot topic on these engines, so don’t let oil starvation be a contributing factor. By installing this oil pan baffle, the trap doors act as a one-way valve, allowing oil to flow to each pump but not away from them.

While oil starvation isn’t as common as it once was, the E90/E92 M3 is capable of huge cornering forces, especially with slicks. Short of a full dry-sump system (costing over $7,000), this baffle is the best way to keep oil where it needs to be.

Installation of baffle requires the removal and major modification to the stock oil pan.

AAF offers this baffle pre-installed in an oil pan, by itself, OR send your stock oil pan to us, and we will install the baffle for you! It’s that easy!

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