AAF E46 Under Bumper Brace

AAF E46 Under Bumper Brace



1 × AAF E46 (non-M) Upper Bumper Cover Mount Kit

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1 × AAF E46 Alum Mesh Center Bumper Grill

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AAF E46 Under Bumper Brace

This is a must have for all Spec E46 racers. The factory front bumper offers little to no support on the lower half of the bumper cover. This means the bumper cover will easily break or fall apart even under light contact with objects such as track cones, road reflectors, and even aggressive apex or exit curbs. (We know you never contact other racers) Not only does this brace support the bumper under contact, but also gives the front bumper additional mounting locations. This allows the front bumper to stay put and look great under normal non-contact abuse. This is not just for race cars! We install this brace on street cars as well! Street cars will benefit in all the same ways. Street cars often bump into parking curbs and more. This brace will help protect your bumper! Construction and attachment: The front bar is one continuous bar bent accurately to follow the curvature of the front bumper cover. The rear attachment point is located at the sway bar mount. This piece doubles as the sway bar spacer on many aftermarket sway bars. This brace even works on Ground Control sway bars. This mount location is slotted to provide a forward/backward adjustment, so you can fine tune the placement of the brace relative to where your bumper cover is. The upper mount is fastened at the core support. This gives some vertical adjustment as well. This under bumper support will work on the M3 style bumper only. It will not work on the Mtech or stock 325 and 330 E46 bumper. We know that conserving weight on SE46’s is extremely important, in addition to the weight being located very low to the ground, our brace comes in at only 7lbs. With the aluminum under tray the entire installed assembly is close to only 10lbs! Watch this video, then go see what happens to yours when you do the same!

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