AAF E30 Brake Duct Kit

AAF E30 Brake Duct Kit

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AAF E30 Brake Cooling Duct Kit

Extend the life of your calipers pads and rotors with the AAF BMW E30 Brake Cooling Duct Kit. Brake cooling is a must for BMW’s that see track use. Rotors calipers and pads can last twice as long with our brake cooling kit. The AAF E30 Brake Backing Plates feature our open flow design to allow more efficient air flow into the brake hat, as well as provide cool air to the wheel bearings.  This gets more air to travel through the veins in the rotor than with other types of backing plates. These Backing Plates are the full size of the rotor and are also a heat shield for the shock and ball joints.  Heating of the shock oil will cause the oil to thin, changing the shock dampening characteristics. Protecting the ball joints & tie rods from heat will help to improve longevity and prevent premature wear. Wheel bearing life on a track driven BMW can increase significantly with better cooling. Backing plates are powder coated black for extra durability. Lightweight Aluminum tubes provide a sturdy enough passage for air to travel to the rotor, while being able to take some abuse if the tire or road debris comes into contact with it.  On very tight turns the tire will contact the aluminum tube and not the flex hose making the flex hose last much longer. There are a few different inlet options for the E30. Choose between three different options. If your car already has inlets for a 3″ round tube, then select “No Inlets”

  1. The AAF adapter inlet attaches directly to the factory 1987 or newer brake duct inlet with no other modifications needed.
  2. The large offset inlet is a universal brake duct inlet that will require some modification to fit. Exterior dimensions are roughly 9-5/8″ x 5″.
  3. The large centered inlet is a universal brake duct inlet that will require some modification to fit. Exterior dimensions are roughly 5-1/2″ x 7-3/4″.

Kit Includes:

  • Two 3″ Aluminum Duct Tubes
  • One length of Flex tube (you cut to length for each side)
  • Two AAF Backing plates (left & right)
  • Eight hose clamps
  • Attaching hardware
  • Your choice of Inlet – Offset Generic, Centered Generic, AAF Factory Adapters, Or none.

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