AAF M20 Race (Header only)

AAF M20 Race (Header only)

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AAF M20 Header

This is not the same old M20 header redone.  This is our Tri-Y design that greatly improves exhaust scavenging. Our header has 1-3/4″ primary tubing that pairs opposing cylinders.  In dyno testing our header was able to make 5-10WHP and almost 15ft-lbs Torque over other header types.   We sell this as a complete system with 2-1/2″ from the header back. We tested 3″ exhaust with no gains other than weight. Now lets talk sound!  Our header has a very unique low tone and beefy sound unlike any other system we have seen.

This is a RACE Header it fits tight and we recommend Solid engine/trans mounts when using our header.



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