AiM Inline Water Coupler with 10mm Port – 3/4″ Hose

AiM Inline Water Coupler with 10mm Port – 3/4″ Hose


All aluminum coupler allows your Aim sensor (with 10mm thread) to be adapted to any 3/4″ I.D. rubber hose.

Kit Includes:

  • Hose coupler with 3/4″ ports and 10mm threaded port
  • 2 worm drive hose clamps
  • 1 crush washer

Add a sensor! Choose from these sensors:

  • AiM Temperature Sensor
  • VDO 0-5 Bar (0-72psi) Pressure Sensor
  • VDO 0-10 Bar (0-150psi) Pressure Sensor

We highly recommend installing a pressure sensor into all race car cooling applications. Why you ask? A temperature sensor reads fluid temperature only when there is fluid on the sensor. When a cooling system develops a leak, and a temperature sensor is surrounded by steam, the sensor could give false readings. Installing a pressure sensor into your cooling system will give you an instant warning that your cooling system is compromised. This early warning could save your engine!

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