AAF R53 Mini Cooper S Race Header

AAF R53 Mini Cooper S Race Header

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Built To Order built to order

This is not the same old R53 Mini Cooper S header redone.¬† This header features a four-into-one collector with a scavenger spike to promote better airflow. Our header features 1-3/4″ primary tubing and a 3″ collector built from mild steel. In dyno testing our header was able to make 5-10WHP and almost 15ft-lbs of torque over other header types. It also has three O2 sensor bungs to make adding a wideband easy while retaining the factory oxygen sensors.

Now let’s talk flex joint! This is what sets this header apart from the rest in longevity and strength. We have run many types of headers and flex joints on the track with multiple failures. As tested on our own builds, this one will hold up to the punishment a race track hands out.

This is a race-only header and replaces the catalytic converter.  NOT STREET LEGAL!