AAF E30 Oil Pressure Sensor Relocate Kit

AAF E30 Oil Pressure Sensor Relocate Kit

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AAF E30 Oil Pressure Sensor Relocation Kit

This kit fits all M20 engines. The  E30 Oil Pressure Sensor Relocation Kit allows for an aftermarket low pressure switch as well as oil pressure sensor, or two 1/8″ NPT pressure sensors to be installed. This can allow a gauge or light to be on the dash and still log oil pressure in a data logger. This kit also moves the oil pressure sensor away from the engine and onto the chassis (or any other spot) where is it much easier to access, or install larger size diameter sensors.

Kit comes with:

  • 4AN Stainless Steel Braided Line
  • Banjo Bolt and Fitting (installs onto block)
  • 3 Way 1/8″ NPT Tee Fitting, for hose from block and 2 sensors.

Optional Pressure switch:

  • 1/8″ NPT 20 PSI one-wire switch

Note: This kit does not come with sensors – the factory low pressure switch can NOT be used. An aftermarket 1/8″ NPT low pressure switch can be used with the factory wire.

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