What havn’t we done with this truck? Aside from major rust removal, some body repair, made the canopy removable and took off a body lift kit, We have also removed the old propain system, swapped the carbs for fuel injection and added a back cage ( and modified the backseats to do so). We are still going to make this machine into the badass boger it deserves to be! Stay tuned and follow the blog to find out what’s next! 

Update as of : 05-25-2021

We have made some major progress last we checked in! Let’s see what Dave has gotten done. We’ve finished the roll cage so it spans the entire vehicle and front and rear. we are almost complete with the interior this week we are reinstalling the carpet! Wiring was complete a couple weeks ago! This International Scout is almost ready! stay tuned for more…

Update as of : 06-17-2021

Today, The Scout lives! We started it up for the first time since the rebuild and it sounded great! We’ve also recharged the A/C and installed a speaker. Getting this thing ready for suspension! 

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