AAF Epic Spec E46 ECU

AAF Epic Spec E46 ECU


Lead Time May Vary, Please Call.

Sealed Epic Spec E46 ECU Tune ($599.99), PLUS EWS delete ($200.00), and Computer core charge ($100.00)

We do not offer Spec E46 ECU tuning without EWS delete.  We have had several EWS failures which prevent the car from running, losing expensive track time. We know you will be much happier this way.

With EWS removed, any ECU can start any SE46. This means that AAF can provide a core and we usually have them in stock ready to ship. You can keep your ECU as a backup, or send your ECU to us for refund of the core charge. (Just let us know it’s coming so we can credit the right customer)

Notice: With the “EWS Delete” ECU, some components can be removed. However the EWS box cannot be simply unplugged. The EWS box doubles as a starter relay. Your two options are to 1) keep the EWS box plugged in with no wiring harness changes, or 2) to modify the OEM electrical harness and install an independent starter relay.

Components that can be deleted are items such as the instrument cluster and the key itself. These items can simply be unplugged and removed with no adverse effects.

The Epic Motorsports Software calibration for the Spec E46 racing class makes a great power increase (typically about 10 HP over stock, but this is NOT a guaranteed number), provides a proper calibration for the spec race exhaust for this class, ensures reliable and safe operation of your engine, and removes many of the pesky electronic nannies, emissions issues, and lights that are unnecessary on a race car.

Features and Benefits:

  • Optimized timing
  • Optimized Vanos mapping
  • Optimized DISA engagement
  • Optimized fuel mapping for Spec exhaust
  • 6500 1st-4th gear rev limit, 6800 5th
  • Several limp mode functions eliminated
  • Disable emissions systems
  • Speed limiter removed
  • Raised idle speed prevents stalling due to lightweight flywheel
  • Manual transmission coding for proper automatic to manual transmission conversion operation
  • Read and write protected. You will not be able to flash over this ECU file once sealed
  • Fully sealed with tamper-proof seals- replacing these seals will require return to Epic Motorsports for a full inspection and potential reflash (add additional charge)

MS43 only!!!  7/2003 production is the approximate change from MS43 to the MS45 ECU, but please confirm by visually inspecting the label on your ECU before ordering.  This race-spec calibration is for E46 330 cars only.  If you have an MS45 car it will need an engine harness swap to use the MS43 ECU.

You must have a properly running car before tuning your ECU.  Adding the Epic calibration to your ECU will not solve your pre-existing problem or make Epic Motorsports or Advanced Auto Fabrication responsible for diagnosing your pre-existing problem.  Please read any fault codes present and get the problem fixed prior to upgrading. (Some fault codes are normal for race cars with generic software; please provide us with a list of the codes for review including the fault name and BMW fault number).

Your Spec E46 ECU will come to you sealed and If the seals are broken, you must return your ECU to Epic Motorsports for a full inspection and potential reflash (and additional charge).
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