Spec E46 Roll Cage Kit

Spec E46 Roll Cage Kit


Complete Roll Cage Kit for your SpecE46. This is for a 2 Door Chassis the door bars will not fit a 4 door.  We have designed the strongest lightest weight roll cage kit we can for the E46 BMW.  Meets all rules and regulations for SCCA, NASA, BMW CCA, ICSCC and others.  All tubes are fully coped and ready for installation.  Simply bolt up (2) main hoop locating brackets to existing threaded holes in the B-Pillar, then lay the main hoop up against those guides to locate the hoop in the proper place.  Once the hoop is in the proper place all the rest of the tubes index the main hoop from that point.  We are able to install this kit in a day and half with one person not including the gutting of the car.

We designed this kit to work with either a Nascar bar setup or an X-brace bar setup whichever you prefer.  The X-brace setup does protrude into the door cavity giving the driver as much room as possible and neither the X-Brace option or the Nascar bar option use S type bends in the door bars to attach back to the main hoop or front down tube.  S bends are all too common in a lot of cage designs and they are failure points.


  • 8 Point Custom Cage Kit specifically designed for SpecE46 Competition.
  • NASCAR and X-Brace Door Bar configurations available.
  • Kit comes with (22) tubes plus (12) more for Nascar Bars or (12) more for X-Brace option.
  • All required tubes are 1.75″ x 095 DOM Tubing
  • Laser cut plates, perches and brackets perfectly formed to work with the OEM BMW E46 tub.
  • Kit comes with laser cut and formed Plates (12), Perches (4), Locating Brackets (2), Tube Gussets (4), and Steering Mount Bracket (1). X-Brace Option comes with (4) Taco Gussets.
  • Optional Main Hoop Taco Gussets (2) and rear X Brace Taco Gussets are available.
  • We use 3 different sizes of tubing in order to keep the strength up, but the weight down.  1.75 x .095, 1.5 x .065 and 1.25 x .065 DOM.
  • Kit comes complete with installation guide with over 50 pictures and 7 detailed schematics.
  • All tubes, and plates come with part numbers that correspond to the schematics in the manual.
  • We engineered the cage and wrote the installation guide to allow for the welding of most of the cage kit outside of the car.  The clearances are so tight in some areas that in order to get a full 360 degree weld and penetration you need to do it outside the car.
  • Dash tube is designed to work with or without the factory HVAC system.
  • Kit comes with a custom laser cut steering mount bracket allowing you to eliminate the factory dash bar and bolt the steering column back in place with vertical and horizontal adjustments.
This kit is highly precise, especially the door frame bars.  They fit so tight to the body of the vehicle that we built a post production QA fixture to check each and every door frame bar before it goes out.
The beauty of a custom kit like this is you don’t need to pay a fabricator/welder for design time on the plates, perches or tubes.  By fully coping the tubes it allows the fabricator to spend considerably less time installing the kit that starting from scratch.  We found a savings of between 10 and 12 hours of fabrication time by having the cage kit fully coped and ready for installation.

Flat Rate shipping of $150 in  the US via truck (included in price) .  Residential address not available for shipping, so we need to send the big truck to a business.

If you Choose “local pickup” $150 will be charged upon pick up.

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