The Montana 500 Endurance Run was Officially started in 1961 to give Model T owners a chance to get together and share their interest in Model T’s.

This is a timed event, perhaps unique in the world, as Montana is one of the last places to allow timed events on their public roads. The Model T’s in this event must be stock, except they can have aluminum pistons, reground cams and the heads and blocks may be milled.

The first run started in Missoula and traveled all the way to the North Dakota border – over 500 miles. The run proved very popular and soon had drivers from many states and Canada, including: Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Idaho, Missouri, Washington, South Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, Ohio, North Dakota, Kentucky, California, Colorado and Alberta. Many times, over 30 cars have participated.

The 500 takes place in spectacular country, perhaps the most scenic in the lower 48 states. Huge flat green meadows surrounded by forested mountains and snow packed peaks. Nowadays to simplify logistics.

This beautiful stock 1926 Ford Model-T made an appearance on the AAF Dyno Last Friday. And it came to break records! It’s officially the lowest horsepower car to run on the dyno here at AAF with a whopping 24.9hp and 87 lb-ft of torque as its top run. It will be running in the Montana 500 this starting this Saturday, June 19th. This Race has been an occurrence since 1961! Read More Here. This Model-T made MAJOR gains between runs! (see below) We can’t wait to see how it does in the race. Good Luck to Matt and the Car!

Record breaking model T

Matt ended up placing 5th place in the Montana 500! Averaging 49.49 MPH over 480 miles! We cant wait to see what he does next year! 

If you want to see other cars we’ve Dynoed CLICK HERE

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