AAF E46 Radiator Fan Shroud Kit

AAF E46 Radiator Fan Shroud Kit

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1 × CSF Aluminum Radiator E46 Non-M

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1 × AAF E46 Aluminum Radiator Mounting Kit

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1 × AAF E46 Low Temp Thermostat Kit
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AAF E46 Radiator Fan Shroud Kit

No more loud and bulky mechanical fan, and forget about zip-tying your electric fan to your radiator!  AAF has created a lightweight fan shroud for your E46 race car. Equipped with 7 flaps to let as much air through as possible at speed and fits a genuine 14″ SPAL fan. Seamlessly attaches to the AAF Radiator Mounts and mounts your Coolant Expansion Tank directly to the shroud.

The AAF Fan Shroud creates a vacuum to expand the fan’s ability to pull from the entire surface area of the radiator, creating cooler temps under the hood, with the benefit of 7 flaps that allow the most air to pass through when the car is moving. Our shroud fits the CSF 3055 Radiator.

AAF Radiator Mounts are required for mounting this shroud!

If you already have AAF Radiator Mounts, please let us know in the notes section of checkout if you already own the AAF Rad Mounts so we can get you the proper install hardware.

Notes on fan control: The factory electric fan is controlled via PWM (pulse width modulation) and uses a solid state control board that is part of the fan. Do NOT wire the ECU fan control output (black/grn wire) to a standard relay, as this will not actuate the fan as necessary. We typically control our race car fans through an AIM dash spare output and standard 40A relay. Control may be also be achieved through a manual switch or universal electric fan control kit, available at most auto parts stores.

Choosing fan size: While on track the fan will remain off and should only need to come on when the vehicle speed is low or stopped.  The smaller, slimmer fan will work fine for most cars but if you are endurance racing and doing hot pit stops the larger fan is recommended. Both models are genuine SPAL units.


made in America AAF