AAF FRS Brake Cooling Kit (13-16 FRS Bumper)

AAF FRS Brake Cooling Kit (13-16 FRS Bumper)


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AAF FRS Brake Cooling

If your Toyota GT86, Subaru BRZ, or Scion FRS sees the track, this brake cooling kit is a MUST. Get air to your brakes when you need it the most, Braking on the track gets your brakes unbelievably hot! With the AAF Brake Cooling Kit, air is directed straight on to the rotor through our custom made backing plates and duct system. AAF Custom fabricated this kit to make sure you get longer lasting brakes. The AAF FRS Brake Cooling backing plates feature our open flow design to allow more efficient air flow into the brake hat, as well as provide cool air to the wheel bearings.  This gets more air to travel through the veins in the rotor than with other types of backing plates.

Fits 13-16 FRS bumper without fog lights If your bumper has the fog lights, you will need to order these spacers for the inlets on this kit.
part no. for fog light spacer panel:
Right side: SU003-01516
Left side: SU003-01517 .


The car we designed this kit on was in a SCCA T4 class where a restrictor plate was necessary check it out

All our brake duct kits come with a brake duct guarantee. If any of your duct crack or brake on the track, send us a picture of your broken AAF ducts and get your next pair HALF OFF! check out the video below for more info:


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