FRS, BRZ, and GT86 Throttle Restrictor plate

FRS, BRZ, and GT86 Throttle Restrictor plate

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This is the restrictor plate mandatory for SCCA T4 when running a FRS, BRZ, or GT86.

Touring Classes (T1-T4, and Improved Touring)

Touring classes typically refer to lightly modified production cars, or cars built for touring the public roads. In the SCCA Touring 1-4 still very much resemble street-going cars and sport full interiors. The only modifications which are allowed are the required safety features and some minor performance modifications to help with class equalization.

When the Majors and Super-tour level cars “age out” of their touring classes, they often find a second life as a regional-only “Improved touring” car. The Improved Touring or “IT” classes are allowed a few more modifications, but rule sets are tightly controlled for the budget and competition conscious.

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