AAF Adjustable Shift Shaft

AAF Adjustable Shift Shaft

This adjustable shift shaft can only be used on the AAF Shifter

Sku: 116144


This adjustable shift shaft can only be used on the AAF Shifter

We include the AAF Adjustable Shift Shaft with every AAF BMW Shifter because we believe it is essential for optimal shifting. With this, you are able to move the shift knob forwards or backward, as well as left or right (closer or farther from the steering wheel). You can make all these changes without affecting the spring position of the 3rd and 4th gears. The shift shaft has an adjustment range from 165mm to 245mm.

length for the 6-speed shift shaft:  130mm-175mm

width of fork: 20mm

We at AAF Racing have been building race cars for more than 8 years and have been installing all types and brands of aftermarket shifters.  Every shifter we install has had its pluses and drawbacks.  We have tried to take the best from all of them and put what we have learned into our new innovative design.  The AAF AAF BMW Race Shifter With Adjustable Shift Shaft has more adjustments than any other shifter on the market giving you the ability to tune it exactly to your liking.  If you want to change something about the way it works, most likely there is an adjustment for it. This makes the AAF BMW Race Shifter the most versatile on the market today


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