AAF R50/R52/R53 Oil Pan Baffle

AAF R50/R52/R53 Oil Pan Baffle

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AAF R50/R52/R53 Oil Pan Baffle

Baffling the oil pan is extremely important. Under racing and track conditions, oil can move in the oil pan enough to cause extended moments of oil starvation. This can cause premature, and in some cases immediate, engine failure. This baffle keeps the oil at the pick up better than others on the market. This baffle features a tight fit for oil control under hard cornering and braking.  Gated holes control oil slosh in the sump.

A must have for all track cars.

!!!Weld in installation!!!

Minor fitting may be required on some pans as not all cast oil pans are the same!!!

Installation is available, ship your pan or your car!  Call us for info 509-924-7006

AAF R50/R52/R53 Oil Pan Baffle

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