AIM Dash Plug and Play Kit for E46

AIM Dash Plug and Play Kit for E46


 The AAF AIM Dash Plug and Play Kit for E46

We at AAF have installed a lot of AIM systems and we know what is needed to complete your AIM install.  This kit includes everything you need, so you will not be waiting for extension cables or other unforeseen parts. You don’t even need to learn AIM configuration software to get started. If you would like a truly plug and play kit, we can include an OBDII port plug for the dash, this means you simply plug into your cars OBDII port and the aim dash will power on and receive CAN BUS with absolutely zero wiring! This is an additional option so please call us if you would like us to include it.

These kits are optimized for BMW E46 race cars only!

Your AIM Dash will come to you pre-programmed with many screen options customized for you. We have set up a substantial list of alarms and warnings in case things go wrong. Important low oil pressure alarms will take over showing “SHUT OFF ENGINE” on a fully red screen to ensure you don’t miss the important ones. A leaking cooling system may give false temperature readings when your engine is overheating, which is why we include additional water pressure alarms. These water pressure alarms can also indicate other failures such as blown head gaskets.

Included in every base kit:

  • Pre-Programmed Dash – We will program the dash for every sensor we ship in your custom kit. Each dash features WiFi connectivity, full logging capabilities, and included configuration and analysis software.
    • MXG – This dash features a high contrast 7″ TFT Full Color Display. The larger display allows you to see more information at a time on the screen. The shift lights may be slightly blocked from view, depending on your steering wheel.
    • MXS –  This dash features the same high contrast TFT Full Color Display, but in a more compact 5″ screen, more suitable for viewing through smaller steering wheels.
  • Pre-Labeled Wiring – We will label every channel and extension for each sensor. No more guessing!
  • Water temperature and pressure sensors pre-installed into a modified coupler
  • Oil temperature and pressure sensors pre-installed into a billet distribution block
  • AAF Factory Instrument Cluster Block Off Plate
  • AAF E46 AIM Dash Mount making your AIM Dash bolt-in
  • Can bus channels from factory DME-
    • RPM,
    • Vehicle Speed
    • Brake Pedal Switch
    • Steering angle
    • Water temperature
    • All four independent wheel speed sensors

Additional Options can Include:

  • SmartyCam 3 Package:

    • SmartyCam 3 has been designed for motorsports with a single purpose: providing great videos that include all the technical information that will help you improve your performance. SmartyCam 3 overlays all the data you need from different sources. From GPS: track map and vehicle position, as well as speed, lap and split times. It will also gather data from your AIM dash and factory ECU such as RPM, throttle %, Brake %, and gear.  One of the best things about the SmartyCam is that it will turn on and start itself no need to push any buttons.
  • Brake pressure:

    • Brake pressure can be vital to understanding braking data on track. While a brake switch will tell you exactly when you start applying the brakes, a brake pressure sensor will tell you exactly how hard the brakes are being applied. This allows you to see the gain or loss of trailing off pressure vs increasing pressure in brake zones.
  • Wideband O2 Controller:

    • A Wideband O2 sensor controller is a must have for any race car. Keeping your AFR in check will do more than the obvious – help tune the engine and monitor lean conditions to prevent failure, but it will also show a potential fuel starve condition in corners. Being able to log and track that information is extremely valuable for post session diagnostics.
  • Differential Fluid Temperature:

    • Although you may not be tearing up equipment, high heat levels in your differential may be costing you horsepower. As the ring-and-pinion gears mesh, intense heat is generated at the point of contact. Simply pointing an infrared temp gun at the differential cover will tell you the temperature of the cover, but not the real temperatures being reached by the fluid. Monitoring and logging this information is the only way to decide whether or not you need more cooling, and if your current cooler is sufficient.
  • Fuel Level Interpreter:

    • This Fuel Level Interpreter will be able to translate the twin fuel level sensors into one signal that the AIM can read. This is ideal for people running transfer pumps on the left side of the saddle. Wiring instructions for how to wire the two sensors will be included, along with the needed wire and connectors.

These are custom kits that take about a week or so to put together.  Please plan ahead!

Service after the sale:  We will make sure that you get your system up and running. If you need help feel free to give our experienced staff a call.  We service and maintain a fleet of race cars running all types of AIM systems.

If you would like the OBDII port plug for the dash so that you don’t have to find the CAN BUS wires all you need to do is write in “CANBUS” in the comments on check out.